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Hi, I'm Kyle Weimer. I am Creatively Investing in Real Estate Nationwide, so hop on board!.

Kyle Weimer's Bio:

Kyle Weimer is a Virtual Real Estate Investor. He is a purchaser, rehabber, and wholesaler of residential and commercial property in Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, and multiple other markets as we expand our ever growing business nationwide.


Kyle's interest in real estate began 17 years ago when he began a career in commercial construction. He is a licensed master plumber in the State of Colorado, and has been directly involved in hundreds of ground up commercial projects in the greater Denver Area. As a commercial plumber he specialized gas stations, including petroleum fuel piping, quick serve restaurants and higher end restaurant construction. After 12 years in this field it seemed the natural transition was into real estate for himself.


Kyle started out primarily renovating and reselling REO properties in the Denver Metro Area. He quickly broadened scope into wholesaling and creative deal structure in the Subject 2 arena, including rent to own, contract for deed, short-sales, and assumable loan. Kyle specializes in REO/MLS properties in which he buys, fixes and resells to other investors, helping them to realize greater returns on their money than other current financial vehicles presently offer. Kyle has recently been shifting some focus into advising other investors on how to purchase real estate correctly in this current market to realize the same financial rewards that have blessed him.


While real estate is his life it doesn't define his life. When Kyle isn't buying and selling property you may find him, on any given day, hiking, camping, or fly fishing in one of his many secret river spots throughout the Rocky Mountains. Kyle is an avid traveler and barbecue enthusiast, and Denver Bronco fanatic. Whether it's sampling BBQ throughout the US, or sitting on the beach to escape the hustle and bustle, you best believe Kyle is plotting the next great adventure for him, his wife, and 2 awesome kids. Does it get any better? Go Broncos!

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Kyle Weimer's Experience:

  • Master Plumber at Lee Huddleston Plumbing, Inc

    Master Plumber running commercial ground up construction builds. Directly involved in hundreds of commercial builds including Schools, Restaurants, and Gas Stations. I am also experienced in Residential service work.

  • President at Virtual Investments | Wholesale Deal Colorado | Wholesale Deal Ohio

    We are active in fix and flips and wholesaling bank owned and for sale by owner properties. We also work with home owners who are in financial difficulty and in danger of foreclosure or bankruptcy. Foreclosures and bankruptcy's are avoidable and we show our clients how.

Kyle Weimer's Education:

  • School of Hard Knocks

    BS Detection
  • Overland High School

Kyle Weimer's Interests & Activities:

I'm consumed by Real Estate. If it has four walls and some dirt underneath it, count me in. Heck, I even like the dirt. I enjoy website building, marketing and Fine Foods. I am an outdoorsman who relishes camping, hiking, and fly fishing. Most importantly, I love my family and traveling with them to new and exciting places!

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